The Cristo Rey Network

Christ the King Preparatory School is part of a network of schools, all with a similar mission. All Cristo Rey Schools are designed to address the specific needs of the academically capable, inner city student with limited means to provide for that education.

The Cristo Rey Network is flung wide across the United States. There are Cristo Rey Network Schools in the West in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Sacramento, California. Schools are located in the East in Harlem and Brooklyn in New York State. Network Schools can be found from Texas and Tucson in the South to Minneapolis in the North. And the schools are found everywhere in the midst of these. Moreover, the Network is growing with numerous schools in the feasibility stage.

The headquarters of the Network is located in Chicago, IL. These offices provide for guidance and leadership for the individual schools as well as ongoing support. The Network provides input on items such as Corporate Internship Program, Academics, Development and Advancement and Mission Effectiveness. The Network also provides specific and detailed reports on post-secondary performance.


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The distinguishing characteristic of the Cristo Rey School is the work component. In order to be considered for admission a student must have the wherewithal to work competently. In order to remain enrolled in a Cristo Rey School the student must be employed at all times. The internship program is a continuous part of the school life of a Cristo Rey School. Work is a co-curricular activity that works in perfect tandem with the academic program.

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