Our Mission

Christ the King is a Catholic, college preparatory high school in Newark, New Jersey providing a quality education for young men and women with limited economic resources.

Christ the King welcomes students of all faiths and cultural heritages.

Christ the King promotes academic achievement, professionalism, and virtuous character through a challenging core curriculum and innovative corporate internship program for the purposes of

transforming society.


In order to ensure that a Cristo Rey model school remains faithful to its mission, it must meet or exceed the following standards:


The school:

is explicitly Catholic in mission and enjoys Church approval.

serves only economically disadvantaged students. The school is open to student of various faiths and cultures, and is culturally sensitive and community-based.

is family centered and plays an active role in the local community.

is accredited by a recognized regional accrediting association. It has a college preparatory curriculum designed for a high level of student engagement in their learning.

requires participation by all students in a work-study program, that follows the Corporate Internship Program (CIP) developed at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Chicago.

seeks to integrate the learning present in its work program, classroom and extracurricular experiences for the fullest benefit of its student workers.

has an effective administrative structure, normally including positions such as a separate President, Principal, CWSP Director and Development Director and a Board structure that includes religious, education, community, business and civic leaders; complies with all applicable state and federal laws, including immigration, labor and not-for-profit tax laws.

is financially sound: at full-enrollment, 300-500 students, after five years; a Cristo Rey school’s revenue from collected tuition and paying work-study contracts covers more than 85% of operating cash flow. In addition, the school maintains an aggressive development/advancement program to ensure financial stability.

seeks to understand, assure and improve how and how well its students learn and grow.

is an active participant in the collaboration, support and development of the Cristo Rey Network.

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