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Welcome to Christ the King Preparatory School!

We are New Jersey’s Cristo Rey High School located on Woodside Avenue in Newark, New Jersey. It is our hope that your visit here to today will provide you with all the information that you need about our exciting school.

Some of you may be stopping by for just a moment to “check us out.” You can click on any of the 8 tabs on our site. The first entry under each tab will supply you with the summary of each of these sections. If you want a snap shot of academics take quick read of the section marked “Educate for Excellence.” It’s the same for Corporate Internship. For the overview of CIP click on the top section marked “A Model of Success.” This will give you the “big picture” of CIP. The same works for Admissions, Student Life, News & Calendar and Giving.

Others of you are here to take a deeper look at our school and want to know us more fully. We invite you to spend some time here at our website and move deeper into each of the sections. Each of these sections is important and the subsections will give you a fuller, more complete insight into our school, our community, the Cristo Rey Network, our history and above all the unique vibrant spirit that is Christ the King Prep.

Thank you, again, for taking the time to learn about Christ the King Prep: “The School that Works.” If you have any questions for us or comments that you would like to make, click on the tab marked: Contact Us.

You may also want to drop us a note at info@ctkprep.org. We will get back to you with the information that you seek.


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