Guidance Program

Our group guidance program provides resources and support for students throughout their four years at Christ the King Prep. Highlights of the program appear below.

Freshman Year:

• assist incoming Freshmen with making their transition to a new school, and from an elementary school to the Christ the King college preparatory format
• deliver faith based character education helping all students become a viable part of the CtK Prep community
• instill the expectation that all will graduate and continue their education beyond their high school career based on the State of New Jersey and ASCA Core Curriculum Standards

Sophomore Year:

• continue character development
• review the importance of the PSAT and other standardized tests

Junior Year:

• plan the college search, application and selection process
• expose students to as many colleges, universities and alternative forms of educational advancement as possible
• organize college visits, both on site and away
• complete and submit financial aid and scholarship applications
• essay writing
• interviewing techniques
• prepare for PSAT, SAT and ACT tests

Senior Year:

• evaluate early decision and early action options
• review college degree requirements
• Assist seniors and their families with the next transition from 12th grade to college


School Counseling Program

Our school counselors work closely with students to help them meet the academic and personal challenges of high school, identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and make sound decisions about their futures. Counselors may work with students one on one, in small and large groups, and when necessary, make referrals to outside agencies. “Non-therapeutic” counseling with CtK Prep in-house staff and outside agencies takes place when requested or is deemed necessary.

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