All grade levels at CtK Prep are generally at full enrollment.  However, it is usually possible to accept a limited number of 10th and 11th grade transfers.

Transfer applicants should:

• Complete the application process outlined on the How to Apply page.  Application must include a copy of the student’s 2nd or 3rd Quarter Report Card.  Please note: all transfers must submit a copy of their Final Report Card in June 2017.              

• Be sure to indicate the grade to which you seek admission in the Fall of 2017.

After you submit all of the required materials, call the Admissions Office at 973.483.0033 x320 and request a parent-student interview.

Parents/guardians should complete the PSAS Student Aid Form and send it, along with their most recent 1040 tax return and W2s, to the address at the bottom of page 4 on the PSAS form.  This form is available in English and Spanish on the How to Apply page.


• Transfer applications will be accepted between February and June 2017.

• Notification will be made in June, 2017.

• Priority will be given to siblings of current students and qualified applicants who participate in the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch Program.

• Transfers will join incoming first-year students at our Summer Training Institute (STI), also known as B.O.O.T. Camp, for pre-employment training.

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