"These students bring a great deal of diversity, enthusiasm and talent to our workplace…Nothing would please me more than to see the resume of one of these students on my desk, applying for an executive position in the future."

Pamela Osborne, Director Business & Portfolio Management, AT&T Business Solutions



Your company can make a difference in the lives of our inner-city students, offering them the opportunity to grow in self-respect and responsibility and acquire marketable job skills as they prepare for their future.

The Corporate Internship Program seeks full-time, entry-level clerical positions for its students. Our B.O.O.T. (Business Objectives and Orientation Training) Camp, assures that they will arrive trained to perform tasks such as filing, copying, faxing, delivering interoffice mail, assembling information packets, very basic data entry, reception and general office duties. The program runs annually from the day after Labor Day through the end of the third week of June

Be Part of the Solution

• Help "at risk" students graduate from high school, and prepare them for college and life

• Increase the probability that inner-city youth become contributing members of society

• Help transform the lives of our students by offering them real life work experience

Cost-Effective Alternative

• All employee issues are handled by the Corporate Internship Program

• No paperwork, time or effort required from your Human Resources staff

• Students are employees of the Corporate Internship Program, not the corporate partner

• No benefits to pay!


• Come visit us or invite us to visit you

• View our DVD see our students on a typical day in the office

Our Students Say:

"I love my job at Sanofi! These people spoil me! I want to work there

when I finish school."

"At the Chief Municipal Prosecutor's office, I

get to answer the phones

and help real people

with real problems."


student at filing cabinet



Be a Part of
a WIN/WIN Relationship


Our Partners Say:

"There's a lot of talent in many of these below poverty-line young people. We can't afford to waste this talent."

Judge John J. Gibbons,
Gibbons PC

"They are more professional, prepared and polite than our college interns."

Manager at K & L Gates


"Working at Broadway House has helped me grow in my communication skills."

"I have learned at Gibbons P.C. that consistency is very important and valuable in the workforce"


For information, contact us at (973) 483-0033, x317,
or e-mail Anthony Caldwell, at acaldwell@ctkprep.org

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