Business Training Insitute


Before the students become interns, they receive training for their entry-level corporate positions at our summer Business Training Institute. All students must complete this training to be accepted officially into our school. For four weeks in July, students take courses in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, computer literacy, and remedial math and English. In addition, courses are offered to develop the intern's soft skills and technical skills. A nationally recognized business consultant, adjunct college professors, supervisors of student interns, and the Cristo Rey Work Study Program staff teach these internship-specific classes.

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During the four-week program, students attend a field trip to an outdoor site that features teambuilding activities. The Business Training Institute culminates with a formal graduation ceremony celebrating the success of the students, and official acceptance as a student of Christ the King Preparatory School.

At the end of this four-week Business Training Institute, students will be equipped:

• to perform basic office duties including filing, faxing, copying, and inter-office mail processing tasks

• to navigate successfully around, greet and converse with adults in the workplace

• to become proactive at work

• To have a well-developed understanding of Microsoft Office Suite functions and capabilities

• to receive and record phone messages in a professional manner

As importantly, students will grow in their faith and see the potential opportunities that exist for them in the workplace. This, in tandem with the college preparatory education they will receive, will prepare them to achieve the positions to which they aspire, many of which are the positions held by their supervisors and mentors.

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Many Corporate Sponsors hire their interns for summer work, and the money earned goes directly to the student. For many interns, this is additional motivation to perform well at their jobsite during the school year.

In addition to this opportunity, CtK Prep has a partnership with the Newark Works program, providing Newark youth with the opportunity to work 20-30 hours a week during the summer. This allows our interns to continue to build their resumes during the summer, while earning money to keep in their pocket.2 girls at BO.O.T. Camp

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