Gifts of Securities

Gifts of appreciated securities can be the best way for many people to make a gift to Christ the King Prep, particularly if the securities have grown in value. Typically, a sale of appreciated securities results in a tax on the amount that the securities have increased. This means that you are allowed to keep only a portion of the profit. You can donate these appreciated securities to Christ the King and avoid the capital gains tax while also earning a charitable deduction on the full value of the securities, even the portion that has increased in value. You can direct your gift to a specific purpose such as the Rey of Hope Scholarship Fund or Annual Fund. If a gift of appreciated securities makes sense for you, please make note of the information on this page.

To ensure a smooth and timely transfer of stock, compose a letter or email to your broker stating your intention to make a gift of stock to Christ the King Preparatory School.

Please be sure to provide the following information:

• Name of stock to be transferred (call letters are helpful)
• Number of shares to be transferred
• Your account number (from your broker or financial representative)
• Our name and address: Christ the King Preparatory School, 239 Woodside Ave., Newark, NJ 07104
• Our broker’s name and address: Michael Lombardi, Wachovia Securities, Three Wachovia Center, NC1167, Charlotte, NC 28228; 800-332-6864
• Wachovia Securities DTC #: 0141
• Our Christ the King Prep Account #: 39828662
• Our Christ the King Prep Tax ID #: 061-803-490

Charitable deductions are calculated based on the mean of the high price and low price of the shares on the date the transfer of the gift is authorized. Securities gifted to Christ the King Prep are liquidated by Wachovia Securities promptly through their broker Michael Lombardi. Fees or commissions charged are limited to those charged by Wachovia.

for more information, please contact
Jackie Ross, Director of Development.
(973) 483-0033, ext. 305

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