Campus Ministry

Just as a student matures socially, intellectually, and physically, his or her relationship with God should mature to include a strong personal faith and the active response of a Christian adult.

To this end, Christ the King actively urges its students to “Live the Good.” This is a phrase that captures CtK’s commitment to a values-based education grounded in the gospel of Jesus Christ. Each month, the school lifts up a particular value on which we can reflect both as individuals and as a community. Recently, we have focused on Creativity, Joy, Justice, Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Service, Serenity, Integrity, and Hope.

These values find regular expression through liturgies and prayer services, retreats, and a variety of service opportunities, organized by the Campus Ministry department. Together, these programs, combined with the academic study of religion, allow students the opportunity to seek, encounter, question, and deepen their faith.

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