Third Annual CTK Prep
Chess Tournament

The Christ the King Chess Tournament is an annual school event open to all CTK Prep students. This year we have a group of 36 students that will compete in four brackets (single elimination) until there are four finalist left. The “final four” will play best two out of three matches as well as the final two players.

Matches are played during a study hall or after school, if acceptable by the teachers and administration. Matches are not based on time. Any participant that does not show up for their scheduled match forfeits that match.

The game chart is displayed on the wall outside the biology room 204 and matches are usually take place in room 204 although the match can be played anywhere the two participants agree to.

Matches are scheduled to begin on March 1st and should take approximately 4 - 6 weeks to complete.

Awards are presented to the final four players, with the overall winner receiving his or her name inscribed on the award plaque located in the main office.

The tournament award itself was renamed the “Bukhari Washington Award” in memory of the student who won the inaugural tournament in 2008. Last year’s winner was Marvin Thomas, class of 2012.


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