Live the Good

“The Glory of God is a human being fully alive.” St. Iraneus

Today we live in a society that is confused. People are not always sure what to believe, who to trust and where to go to find the values that keep us living lives of meaning and purpose. Unfortunately, in far too many instances, human beings are not treated with the dignity that is our birth right as sons and daughters of God.

This year as a school community, we are reminding one another that there are values that help all of us live the life God intended for each of us centered on the theme, “LIVE THE GOOD.”

Before this academic year began, a select group of our students and faculty spent a day together identifying ten values that would rekindle the fire in each of us to live in such a way that our lives speak of goodness. Each month of the academic year focuses on a value that gives glory to God and the helps us to be more fully alive. We began our journey towards “living the good” with the one value that makes relationship with God and all creation possible, the value of RESPECT. Other values that have and will be explored include Creativity, Joy, Justice, Wisdom, Knowledge, Faith, Service, Serenity, Integrity and Hope. It is our great desire that at the end of this school year we are strong and more firmly committed to living lives marked by goodness.

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