Service to others is integral to the mission of the Catholic Church, and more specifically to the mission of the community of Christ the King Prep. The faculty and staff at CtK Prep help students to identify those who are the hungry, the thirsty, the strangers, the naked, the sick, or the imprisoned among us. More importantly, we teach students how to respond to those in need.

While the Student Activities Committee serves the student body, a number of opportunities exist for our young people to serve to others outside of the CtK Prep community.

Each year, CtK students are required to complete approved, recorded community service hours. Freshmen and Sophomores provide a minimum of 40 hours each year, while Juniors and Seniors complete 50 hours of service each year.  Each student will serve a minimum of 180 hours prior to graduation.

Student Activities Committee

The Student Activities Committee is the internal service organization that serves the students of Christ the King Prep. The goals are to foster school spirit and build community among the classes. Student members serve one another by pledging to work towards these goals with enthusiasm and dedication.

One responsibility of this committee is to raise money for student use such as, but not limited to, other school clubs, dances, mixers, small field trips, guest speakers, class gifts and community service.

This committee works with Student Council to help plan dances, SCAN nights, and other special events such as the Prom.





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