The Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassador Program at Christ the King Prep gives many of our most successful students an opportunity to show their best traits to visitors, and to represent the school with pride. Typically, visitors are greeted by student Ambassadors as they arrive on the premises, given a tour of the school, or escorted to a meeting room, where leadership team members greet them.
student ambassadorsAmbassadors demonstrate the school's emphasis on service. They assist at prayer assemblies, recruiting sessions, Corporate Work Study partner breakfast meetings, B.O.O.T. Camp, Board of Trustees meetings, and a variety of ongoing business meetings at the school.
They exemplify the image of the school we want the community to see. They possess social skills, are always in compliance with our dress code, and are always eager to tell visitors about their jobs in the corporate community.


They tell our story to the outside world more successfully
than any adult staff member could!

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