Student Council

Christ the King Preparatory School is a member of the National Association of Student Councils.

Mayor Booker in classroom

The Student Council is a service and leadership organization that works to provide healthy and meaningful activities for all students.  Among their activities are - organize spirit week, plan dances and pep rallies, raise money for charities, and bring student issues to the attention of the administration.

Representatives from each class, which are elected by their peers, and an executive board comprise the Student Council. They hold office until a new election takes place after the first quarter of the following school year. All Student Council Members must have and maintain a “C” average at minimum and remain in good standing with their Corporate Internship Program responsibilities to remain active.

Due to the students’ busy work and class schedules, meetings take place during lunch or immediately after school. The Council will meet at least twice monthly to ensure that all class representatives have the opportunity to attend at least one meeting per month. Marguerite Glentz is the faculty advisor to the Student Council.



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