School Nurse

Because healthy students are successful learners, our school nurse supports the physical, mental, emotional and social health of all students at Christ the King Prep. The nurse provides direct care to students who are injured or have acute illnesses, identifies resources that can be beneficial to the health of the entire school community and promotes a healthy school environment. The school nurse also helps shape and determine school health policies and serves as a liaison between the school and its families and health care providers.

School Social Services

In response to growing concerns over the problems faced by students in our parochial schools, the Archdiocese of Newark established its School Social Services program in 1991. Christ the King Prep makes these services available to its families through the services of Catholic Charities.

The program offers “at-risk” students, their families, and school staff with a variety of direct social services: 

• Masters level professionals meet with the student, parents, and teachers to provide a thorough assessment of the problem, often resulting in short-term individual counseling, group counseling, or play therapy, offered on-site at the school
• Support groups can be arranged for students who are coping with bereavement or loss, those dealing with family issues such as separation or divorce, students living with illness or disability, those with peer problems, etc.
• Crisis intervention services provide immediate response to students and staff after a traumatic event at a school

Timely referrals can be made to a variety of community services including medical, psychological, financial, immigration, and pastoral services.

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